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Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump

Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump
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With specifications more akin to a suspension fork than a traditional pump, the SuperPista combines a full metal shock piston design with the classic Italian leather plunger washer and self-lubricating linear bearings to create the highest-efficiency, smoothest-running SuperPista to date. Efficient, accurate, durable are the trademarks of the SuperPista floor pump.

- High-mount digital gauge accurate to 1% with backlight, adjustable pressure alarm, and adjustable pressure units (uses two CR2032 batteries)
- Full-size Ash wood handle with a secure carrier strap
- High-efficiency 28mm SILCA leather piston assembly
- Brass air check-valve assembly
- Alloy barrel with plated steel piston shaft
- Long filler hose with integrated Schrader chuck
- Hiro locking-lever Presta chuck with a magnetic dock
- Rated to 220psi