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Selle SMP T3

Selle SMP T3
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The smallest saddle in the Triathlon family, the T3 is designed for triathletes with narrow to very narrow pelvises. The central channel design is based on extensive bio-mechanic studies of saddle positioning and the structure of the pelvic region while in a tucked position. The design ensures that the rider distributes his/her body weight over the whole length of the saddle and prevents compression of the perineal area. SMP's exclusive Eagle Beak Tip on the saddle prevents pressure while in the aerodynamic position typical of triathlon style riding. The rails offer a wide range of positioning to guarantee maximum comfort as well as the most aerodynamic position tailored to the needs of the rider.

- Rails: Stainless steel AISI 304 Ø 7.1mm
- Dimensions: 246 x 133mm
- Weight: 295g
- 100% handmade in Italy