What is the right bike for you?

The variety and choice of bikes (even from one manufacturer) is daunting which can make the right bike purchase confusing.  There are two primary factors that should drive the type of bike you buy:

1. What is your core strength and flexibility? This will dictate how low your handlebar can be relative to your saddle height.  Also the lower your back angle the longer the cockpit that is needed.

If you look at the short video above this is clearly illustrated.  A recreation bike such as our Verve or Townie has a very upright position with the bar high and close.  A road bike or tri bike has a much lower position.  Sometimes this is described as a more aggressive position.

Your age, riding experience, flexibility, and core strength will determine what position you will be comfortable in while cycling.  The best way is to know for sure is to work with our knowledgable staff who can assist you with bike sizing and test rides.  A full bike fitting is including at no charge with a road or triathlon bike purchase and is highly recommended.

2. Where you are going to ride and who are you riding with?  Are you going to ride on a trail, road, gravel?  Are you interested in going fast and keeping up with a club ride or even racing?  Or are you riding solo and just interested in recreation and fitness.  Maybe you want to ride for fitness and want to use an E-Bike (electric assist bike) for recreation, transportation or just to keep up with fitter friends.  The following bike matrix will help get you started in finding the best bike for you!

Click on the bike recommendation that matches your core strength, road surface and application.

Core Strength NeededPositionRoad SurfaceApplicationBike Recommendations
LowUprightPaved Recreation
Verve,  Verve+ Townie, Townie Go, Electra
MediumNeutralPavedFitnessFX Line

MediumNeutralMixed GravelDS Line - Neko
Boone - Crockett
Medium NeutralOff-RoadMountain BikeMarlin, X-Caliber
Top Fuel
Medium - HighNeutral to LowRoadRoad CyclingDomane
HighLowRoadTriathlonSpeed Concept