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Learn About the 2025 Trek Madone Gen 8

There's only one. The ultimate race bike. | Trek's fastest and lightest unite

There’s only one. The ultimate race bike.

We combined our lightest and fastest road race bikes to create Madone Gen 8 — the one true ultimate race bike. Part Émonda. Part Madone. All-out podium-topping performance.

The best of both worlds

Madone Gen 8 replaces Madone Gen 7 and Émonda, but its legacy is far greater than any one bike. Light as Émonda, fast as Madone, it's the best of both worlds — and the only road race bike your customers need.

Light as Émonda

Entirely new 900 Series OCLV Carbon and new innovative tube shaping shave weight and make Madone as light as the featherlight Émonda frameset.

Fast as Madone Gen 7*  

Madone Gen 8’s all-new Full System Foil aero tube shapes and aero bottles and cages (included with the SLR model) help create an ultra-fast rider system.

At 200W as a rider system (bike, rider, bottles/cages, and components)

The fastest accessories for our fastest road race bike

All-new RSL aero bottle and cage 

Speed is in the details, and the RSL Aero Water Bottle and Cage (included with Madone SLR, available for SL) was designed as part of Madone’s rider system for extra aero savings. Plus, it’s UCI compliant and can fit standard round bottles, too. 

All-new Aeolus RSL TLR road tire

This ridiculously quick race tire is built with a 320tpi cotton casing for an incredibly fast and supple ride. It comes spec on Madone SLR 7 and higher-end models for plenty of free speed.  

All-new Aero RSL handlebar/stem

The Aero RSL bar/stem was designed with uber-light OCLV Carbon, fast aerodynamic shapes, and hoods that are 3cm narrower than the drops to put riders in the ultimate aero position. 

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