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Trek Bike Reviews


Trek Bicycle Stores of Florida has recently announced an exciting new partnership with the acclaimed cycling influencer, James the Bike Guy, to showcase a series of in-depth Trek bike reviews. 

This innovative collaboration aims to provide valuable insights and an honest critique about the latest Trek bicycles directly from the experienced perspective of James. He will take audiences through the nitty-gritty of the bike designs, mechanisms, unique features, and on-road performances. 

With his expertise and genuine love for cycling, James' detailed analyses will help both avid cyclists and beginners understand the distinct advantages and specifications of Trek bikes. This partnership is expected to help reinforce Trek's commitment to product transparency, and give potential buyers a trustworthy source of information to make an informed purchasing decision.

2023 Trek Marlin 8 Gen 4

2023 Trek Marlin 6 Gen 3

2024 Trek Domane AL Gen 4

2023 Trek FX 2

2023 Trek Slash Gen 2 9.8 GX

2023 Trek Domane AL2

2023 Trek Fuel EX 8 Gen 6