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Frequently Asked Questions for Rentals

What if my reservation is made within 48 hours of the rental start time?

If your rental start time is within 48 hours of creating this reservation please call the store to confirm availability.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We take reservations up to six months in advance. We highly recommend reservations as far in advance as possible during the following times:

  • Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents Day and Easter)
  • Spring Break (Mid-February through the beginning of April)
  • Cycling Events (Miracle Limbs Ride, Breast Cancer Awareness Ride, Naples Sprint Tri, Miami Tri, St. Anthony’s, etc.)

We do not accept reservations for rentals less than 3 days. If you need a rental for less than 3 days, please call the store you wish to rent from.

What information will you need for a reservation?

Dates and times of the rental period, style of bike, size of bikes and / or riders height.  Also have your contact information and local information ready (hotel/ friend/family address and phone number).

What is the difference between Elite Road and Standard Road bikes?

Our Elite road bikes have a full carbon frame equipped with Ultegra components; Standard road bike have an aluminum frame, carbon fork and mix of Tiagra and Sora components.

Do you offer clipless pedals?

No. We offer a platform pedal or pedal with toe-clips on any of our rentals.  If you ride clipless pedals please bring your own shoes and pedals.  We will be installing your pedals on our rentals primarily for safety reasons.

Can I bring my saddle/aerobars/computer/rear rack and have it installed on the rental bike?

Yes.  We can install most accessories on our rental bikes.  The fees for installation depend on the item and type of bike that is being rented.  Please contact a store for details.

How will I be fitted on the rental bike?

We will adjust the saddle height to your preference or for proper leg extension.  If you would like to have your rental bike fit as closely to your personal bike we offer additional fitting services.  We can apply your fit to the rental.  The fee for applying your fit to a rental bike is $25.

Do you offer mountain bikes?

We have a Mountain Bike Rentals in our Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise locations.

Do you offer triathlon bikes?

Not at this time.

Are there clubs or groups I can join?

Yes!  We have group rides from each of our stores. Click here for our Adventure Center. Most group rides in the area are intended for road bikes.  For additional group rides contact one of our stores.

What should I bring when picking up my rental items?

  • Identification- Drivers license or government issued ID
  • Credit card with raised numbers.  We take a credit card imprint for security deposit
  • Local information- Address or hotel name and room number.  Phone number.
  • Pedals, if you are bringing pedals.
  • Any other items you are bringing that will require installation.

When can I pickup my rental bike?

At any of our locations that have rentals. Start here to choose a rental location.

What happens if I am late to picking up a reserved bike?

We will hold all rental items for the entire first day they are reserved.  If you do not show, the next day we may rent it to someone else.  If you foresee any delays in picking up your rental items please contact the store.  We can hold the items for additional days; however the rental begins from the first date stated on the rental contract.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, the 2014 Delivery Rate is $5.00 per mile with a $25.00 minimum charge. This charge is for one-way transport of all bikes on a single rental contract.

What safety equipment do the bikes come with?

All bikes will come with reflectors.  We offer helmets with all rentals.  We do not offer mirrors, lights, bells or flags for rent, they are available for purchase.  If you would like to have any additional safety items installed please contact a rental consultant for details on pricing.