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BIKE SERVICE at Trek Bicycle Store of Naples

We will fix your bicycle. Flat Repairs, Adjustments, Tune ups and more.
Any Make or Model with guaranteed quality and fast turnaround.

Servicing the greater Naples area including North Naples, Naples Park, Mercato, Bonita Beach, Marco Island, and Ave Maria.

Trek Bicycle Naples Estero Naples Fort Myers Bonita Service Repair Center

From basic tune-ups to derailleur adjustments, flat tires to major overhauls,
our state-of-the-art tech center is ready to handle all your repair needs.
We service all makes and all models of bicycles.
Appointments are welcome but not necessary.



Trek Bicycle Store offers a choice of service packages designed to offer bike repair options catered to the recreational cyclist up to the professional athlete. We work on all makes and models of bikes, so bring your busted bike on by and let us fix it!
From our Standard package up to the Complete package, we promise to deliver quality service in a reasonable time frame with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Complete $274.99 Essential $124.99 Standard $69.99

/ Complete Disassembly, Cleaning, Lubrication & Reassembly to Protect Your Investment

/ Removal and Cleaning of Chain, Crank and Cassette

/ Remove, Clean and Lubricate Bottom Bracket, Headset Components, and Overhaul Hubs (If Applicable)

/ True Wheels 

/ Brake Cleaning and Adjustment

/ Derailleur Cleaning and Adjustment

/ Cable Package (Brakes & Derailleurs)

/ Handlebar Tape (Bontrager Gel Cork)

Includes the Standard Package plus:

/ Removal and Cleaning of Chain, Crank and Cassette

Essential Road $174.99

Includes the Essential Package plus:

/ Cable Package (Brakes & Derailleurs)

/ Handlebar Tape (Bontrager Gel Cork)

Essential MTB $174.99

Includes the Essential Package plus:

/ Cable Package (Derailleurs)

/ Hydraulic Brake Bleed

/ Brake and Gear Adjustments

/ True Wheels

/ Adjust Headset

/ Adjust Bottom Bracket

/ Adjust Hubs

/ Lubricate Chain and Derailleurs

/ Wipe Down Frame, Derailleurs, Fork and Wheels

For the person who Really Loves Their Bike For the person who Loves Their Bike
For the person who Likes Their Bike

Trek Bicycle Store of Naples offers a choice of comprehensive service plans to help with the maintenance of your bicycle during your ownership. The TREK CARE plan comes standard with every new bicycle purchased at our shop. We even have a LIFETIME FLATS package which covers a standard replacement tube and labor during the lifetime of the bicycle for the original owner!



Our basic service plan is designed to keep your bicycle performing at its best. Covers minor adjustments and lubrication for 1 year after the purchase.

Our Basic Service Plan keeps your investment running.

Free Safety Inspections

Front & Rear Shifting Adjustments

Mechanical Braking Adjustments.

Lubrication of Drivetrain.

This exciting new service is a lifetime flat repair plan. Bring in your bike anytime with a flat tire and our professional service center will replace the tube at no charge!

Covers standard replacement tube and labor for any flat tire brought in to and repaired by our service center for the original owner for the lifetime of the bicycle.

This plan is only available at the time of bicycle purchase.

Good at any of our locations

FREE with all qualifying bike purchases Great Value!!
Frame Preparation Fork Installation Custom Wheel Builds Aerobar Installation
Tubeless Tire Installations Disc Brake Bleeds Front Suspension Comprehensive Overhaul
Bicycle Assembly Bicycle Shipping Safety Checks Saddle Installations
Spoke Replacement Rear Rack & Basket Installations Pick-up & Delivery And much more!

Trek Bicycle Store Pick-up and Delivery Service

Pick-up & Delivery service available!


Naples Location Info

9051 Tamiami Trail N
Ste 99
Naples, FL 34108

Call: 239-591-8735



Chain Life

The chain needs to be replaced more frequently than most expect.
Why? It can prolong the working life of the drivetrain which if damaged can be expensive to replace.

Suggested chain replacement:

  • Road Bike - 1000-1500 miles
  • Mountain Bike - 800-1000 miles (pending riding conditions)

Chainrings & Cassette

The chainring and cassette are two drivetrain components the chain comes in direct contact. If the teeth on the components are hook-shaped, bent or broken they should be replaced. In addition, a worn chain usually warrants chainring and casette replacement.

Bottom Bracket & Bearings

The Bottom Bracket holds the crank system within the bike frame. If the crank system has become hard to turn, develops a creaking or clunking noise, it might be time to replace it, overhauled, or have the bearings replaced.

Cables & Housing

Cables & Housing help keep the bike braking and shifting smoothly. If there's any sign of corrosion, broken strands, fraying or kinking, it's time to replace it.

Tires & Tubes

Tires & Tubes are your vital connection with the road. Look for warning signs such as dry rotting, excessive cuts & tears, punctures, or if the tread is worn leaving a flat spot. Its recommended that tubes be replaced with new tires. If a tube has been patched, it should be replaced. A patched tube should only be used to get you home.

Brake Pads

Brakes are an obvious important safety feature on any bicycle. Most brake pads have a wear indicator line or groove to help tell you when they need to be replaced. If the groove has disappeared or is nearly worn, it's time to replace them. In addition, if braking has become noisy or gritty check with a professional bicycle technician. Disc Brakes: Check for pad wear, scoring or glazing of the rotor. Rotors should be replaced if they develop a wobble or have become bent.

Bar Tape & Grips

Handlebar tape and grips help keep the bike under control. Both should be replaced if torn, have become thin, appear to be dried-out, sticky or if gel has leaked out. Checking a few vital components of your bicycle periodically will increase the longevity of your investment and help keep you safe.